Prep Time: 10 Minutes

Cook Time: 0 Minutes

Yields: 3 Servings

Description Edit

Are you ready? Here it is, the Diabetes Explosion Sundae. This Sweet Sundaw will blow your taste buds away! One taste of this, and you will be needing that diabetes checker. Please know that this is an extreamly healthy dish, and that we are not responsible for Dihareha, and High-Blood Sugar attacks/Diabetes entrance. Please, come and eat!

Ingredients Edit

-Chocolate Sauce -Chocolate Moose -Sugar -Vanilla Ice Cream -Chocolate Bits -Whip Cream -Chocolate Sprinkles -Chocolate Icecream -Chocolate Laxitives -Evaporated Milk -Vanilla Concentrate

Directions Edit

Step 1: Get a nice cup/bowl and add a few scoops of Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream. Once you are done, add your Chocolate Sauce to the ice cream. Step 2: After you added the Chocolate Sauce, add the Chocolate bits and Laxitives (the laxitives give it more flavor, that just makes you want to eat this in the bathroom)! Step 3: Add loads of Whip Cream to the Ice Cream Scoops with Laxitives and Chocolate Sauce. The Whip Cream will just add on to the creaminess. Step 4: This step is simple: Just add some chocolate Moose and Sugar. Step 5: Last but not least, add the Evaporated Milk and Vanilla concentrate to have a milky and yet a tastier experience! Once you are done, EAT UP Tips:

  • If you get diabetes/high blood pressure & high blood sugar while eating this creamy, delicious sundae, please call the doctors. We don't know any other medicine, besides diabetes injections, as that will calm the affect.

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