Prep Time: None!

Make time: About 5 minutes

Serves: Two


It's like a giant sticky tac, but it's more squishy and bouncy!


  • 2 Small Plasic Cups
  • Liquid Glue
  • Eye dropper
  • Sink
  • Icecream cone stick [washed]
  • Gloves


1. With one cup, fill it with a fourth with water.

2. With the other cup, fill it with glue.

3. Grab the dropper and sqeeze it in the water.

4. Put three sqirts into the glue.

5. Stir it with a stick or spoon.

6. Put on the gloves.

7. Keep stiring.

8. After 2 minutes stiring, STOP!

9. Pick up the glue.

10. Try to get it in a ball shape.

[Don't stop until it feels like puty]

11. Keep it in your hands

12. Try rolling it on the table or bouncing it.

13. I think you got there a Home Made Bouncy Tac

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