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# [[Rustic Lasagna]]
# [[Rustic Lasagna]]
# [[Churros with Chocolate Sauce|Yummy Churros]]
# [[Churros with Chocolate Sauce|Yummy Churros]]
</div>[[File:Recipeadd button simple 120x34.png|center|link=Special:CreateRecipe]]
</div>[[File:Recipeadd button simple 120x34.png|center|link=Special:CreatePage]]
| [[File:Coconut_wings.jpg|right|330px|link=Grilled Coconut Wings with Thai Sauce by Elle Bee]]
| [[File:Coconut_wings.jpg|right|330px|link=Grilled Coconut Wings with Thai Sauce by Elle Bee]]

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Coconut wings

How to Eat a Heart on Valentine's Day

Come every February, grocery store aisles bloom with heart-shaped boxes and other Valentine’s Day-themed ephemera. However, little is made out of the fact that hearts, the kind found pumping blood through livestock, are also a staple in many diets. So why not eat hearts on Valentine’s Day?


Valentine&#039;s Desserts

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Ricotta cheese

Ricotta cheese is an Italian cheese which means "cooked again." Ricotta cheese is a key ingredient in cheesecake, lasagna and cannolini.

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Featured Foodie: Jacqueline
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Jacqueline enjoys browsing the SF Farmer’s Market for local farm fresh produce. Her favorite recipes include Spinach Artichoke Dip and Shrimp & Red Pepper Pasta. Jacqueline's next cooking challenge involves mastering the use of her slow cooker.
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